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Quilt Kits and Quilting Patterns

Patterns, Kits & Prices
All prices are in U.S. Dollars
International S&H for Queen Kits (Canada & Mexico)  . . . $35.00 
Prices vary for other countries . . S&H for Queen Kits range from $50.00 - $61.00
Please specify where the Orders will ship for actual shipping cost.

Special! We have been allowed to make this pattern for STUFF IT, this quilt was Designed and Copyrighted in 2001. This pattern was featured in Colleen Wise's Book, "Casting Shadows". The article explained how to create visual dimension in your quilts. "STUFF IT" was featured on page 25. Emails that Colleen Wise and Linda Bennington Devereaux have received, have shown a strong interest in this pattern.

This pattern is in stock now. 

The STUFF IT pattern is a wall hanging, 
Large size is 55 inches square
Small size is 45 inches square

Stuff-It 3D Pattern
Stuff It
(Click to Enlarge)

Linda has been kind enough to allow Jamie and myself, Charlie Rhea, to modify her drawing and eliminate the 2 outer borders, thus making the current pattern as you see. We made this to be strip pieced, and eliminating nearly all of the Y seams and great tips for sewing those few that are still in the pattern. This pattern is for beginning-intermediate and up. By using like texture fabrics, your dimension is going to have greater depth, but it is striking with any fabric you use.

Stuff-It 3D Pattern

Stuff-It Pattern

Price: $10.00 
plus S&H $4.00
We can make this; "Stuff-It" pattern, available to wholesale buyers for re-sale. Please Contact Us if you wish to provide us with your wholesale information prior to ordering.

Our Full Line of Patterns

X Factor Quilt by Chris Timmins

X Factor Quilt Pattern by Chris Timmins

Price: $15.00 plus S&H  $4.00

Friend or Foe Pattern

Friend or Foe Pattern

Price: $9.00 plus S&H  $4.00

Friend or Foe Quilt kit

click to enlarge

Friend or Foe Quilt Kit
(pattern is included)
Price: $75.00 plus S&H  $18.00


twisted-bargello-quilt-930x948.jpg (200262 bytes)

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batik-twisted-bargello-closeup-2-930x648.jpg (658592 bytes)

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Close up
 of fabric

Batik Twisted Bargello Queen Kit
(Queen size only -pattern is included)
Price: $164.95 plus S&H  $18.00

qb-twisted-bargello-1.jpg (46677 bytes)

Twisted Bargello Quilt Pattern
(All sizes included, Wallhanging, Double, Queen ) 
  Price: $15.00 plus S&H  $4.00
Twisted Bargello Quilt Twisted Bargello Queen Quilt Kit 
Kit Includes: (pattern & (20), 5/8 yd.cuts of fabric plus the 3 border fabrics to complete the quilt top)
Price: $135.00 plus $18.00 S&H

Color Choices
 (up to 4 colors, light to dark)

Red_Green__Gold_Twisted_Bargello_Wall_Hanging.jpg (44340 bytes) Twisted Bargello Wall Hanging Kit
(Kit and Pattern Included)
Price $70.00 S&H $18.00

Color Choices
 (up to 4 colors, light to dark)


garden-windows-400x322.gif (88671 bytes)

Garden Windows Kit
(approx. 32 and a half inches square)
Price $30.00
 S&H $6.00


qb-lightning-strikes-1.jpg (50875 bytes) Lightening Strikes Quilt Pattern  
 Price:  $15.00 plus S&H $4.00
lightening-strikes-pic.jpg (67475 bytes) Lightening Strikes Queen Quilt Kit
 Kit Incudes:(Queen size) pattern & (20), 5/8yd. cuts of fabric, plus the 2 border fabrics to complete the quilt top)   
Price:  $135.00 plus S&H $18.00

Color Choices 
(up to 4 colors, light to dark)


garden-windows-425x450.gif (94299 bytes)

Garden Windows Pattern

Price $6.00 
S&H $4.00



qb-haylies-comet-1.jpg (44667 bytes) Haley's Comet Pattern   (Wallhanging, Queen included)           
  Price  $15.00 plus S&H   $4.00
Haley's Comet Queen Quilt Kit
Kit includes: pattern & (20), 1/2yd cuts of fabric, plus the 2 border fabrics to complete the quilt top
Price  $135.00   S&H  $18.00

Color Choices
(up to 4 colors, light to dark)

qb-french-braid-1.jpg (63732 bytes) French Braid Kit
Kit Includes: {Queen} Book & fabrics to complete the quilt top

Price  $135.00   S&H  $18.00

Color Choices 
(up to 4 colors, light to dark)

If you have a color scheme you prefer, tell us 2 to 4 colors you want as your primary colors and we will pull the kit for you.

  Currently we can also take your Order by Phone or Email


 * Shipping and Handling Charges noted above are for U.S. Orders Only



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"Our products are for U.S. Orders Only. If you are wanting any items sent outside the U.S. please email us First ,and we will determine the cost to ship prior to any order taken."


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